How can I practise for the TCF with TV5MONDE?


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Training sets

Training sets allow you to train at your own pace. You can do them in your own time, and they're quicker to complete than the simulator.

  • The training series consist of 40 questions.
  • There is no time limit.
  • You can listen to each listening comprehension question as many times as you like.
  • You have an indication of your level at the end of the training, this indication is less reliable than the simulator.
  • You have the correction for each question.
  • You can choose a skill to work on in particular: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, mastery of language structures.

It is also possible to carry out the training using a paper questionnaire and an MP3 file. The listening comprehension questions can be listened to from Spotify or Google podcast too.

The simulator

The simulator puts you in conditions close to the real TCF exam. When you start a simulation, you must have time to spare as you will not be able to pause before the end. 

  • The simulator consists of 80 questions chosen at random from our bank of over 600 questions.
  • You have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete it.
  • You can only listen to the listening comprehension questions once.
  • You will have an indication of your level at the end of the simulation. It is provided for information only and does not guarantee that you will have the same level in the real exam.
  • You must work on all three skills at the same time: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, mastery of the structures of the language.

The simulator is not available in paper version.

From a computer or phone

You can practise for the TCF from our website or  our mobile app. The mobile app provides additional functionality. You can save your results and take the test without an Internet connection.

What are the differences with the real test?

Whether with TV5MONDE, or during the real test, you can come back as many times as you like to the language proficiency and reading comprehension questions. Apart from that, there are a number of differences with the real exam.

The TCF exam must be taken at an approved centre. You can find a list of test-taking centres here. The real test gives you an official certificate for your level, which is not the case with the TV5MONDE training or simulator.

The TV5MONDE questions are designed as part of a partnership between TV5MONDE and the TCF team at France Éducation international. This ensures that the questions proposed by TV5MODNE are close to the real exam questions. Nevertheless, you will never find a question from the TV5MONDE simulator in a TCF exam. The TV5MONDE questions are created from TV5MONDE materials, whereas the real TCF questions can be designed from a variety of materials.

When you take the TCF exam, you are not allowed to use any documents, mobile phones, or electronic objects (connected watches, headphones...).

The real test is organised in sessions with other candidates. Finally, there are a few more differences:

  • 91 questions on computer, 76 questions on paper.
  • 1h35 on computer, 1h25 on paper.


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